Chinese corrosion-resistant magnetic transmission equipment production base China's first production of continuous idling magnetic pump manufacturers
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Built in 1985, Jing County Plastic Products Factory
1995 changed its name to fluorine plastic Valve Factory Wannan
Tech enterprises in Anhui Province
Hundred enterprises in Anhui Province
National Key New Product
Science and technology enterprises in Anhui Province
Countries with dozens of patents
Through the national ISO9001 quality certification, CE certification and certification AZ
Anhui quality inspection verification of qualified products
Anhui Province won the 2000 Quality valve products
Established in 2005 Anhui Teflon Valve Co., Ltd.
Hefei valve industry enterprises and brand-name products
Star Enterprise, the quality of trust companies and corporate integrity
2008 Sign Anhui Pump Co.
Scientific and technological progress of enterprises and banks AAA credit rating companies
China Professional Committee of fluorine plastics processing unit
Hefei Machinery Industry Federation governing units
Hefei Valve Industry Association vice president of units
Famous trademarks region
2012 my company in order to expand the market, the construction Valve Factory Tang
National high-tech enterprises
Provincial-level new products, high-tech products, patents