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Through the joint efforts of all staff, we want to provide all customers with products and value-added services, and the majority of suppliers to form a good partnership, to create more profits for all shareholders, and the common development of all employees personal values, so that employees are fully reflected.
      Value corporate culture construction are:
1. one hundred percent to meet customer requirements, customer demand-oriented, and strive to create value for customers, dedication to customer service;
2. All employees continue to enhance self-worth, and the integration of its own development to each of the company's work and activities to go on its own capacity building to promote the company's development, forming a virtuous relationship of mutual promotion and development of the company;
3. The company offers fair competition for staff, positive work environment and growth, so that employees in the competition constantly improve themselves and better ourselves; training staff down to earth, responsible, focus on the little things, focus on quality and efficient work style; the courage to encourage employees innovation, and their ability to enhance the value and make unremitting efforts.
4. asked the staff:
① Management: with strategic vision, strong sense of innovation, daring, broad-minded.
② staff: be creative, dedicated, motivated and strong team spirit, customer interests above everything else, a rapid reaction capability, work, efficiency, work style crisp and concise.
Corporate purposes
Moral and technology enterprise, industry serve the country!
Business goals based on domestic, to the world!
The spirit of enterprise innovation, perseverance, honesty, cooperation!
Enterprise policy
First-class production management guidance;
Class quality to create value;
First-class reputation to win customers;
With first-class technology development;
With first-class products to market;
Armed with first-class cultural staff ......
development strategy
Magnetic drive new technology,
Safety and environmental protection without leakage,
Related diversification of products ......