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Anhui Wanfulong  valve is widely used in chemical industry, rare earth, pesticides, petroleum, electroplating, metallurgy, electronics and other fields, every year large quantities of products to replace imports, selling the 30 provinces and autonomous regions and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.
Cause Solution
Play no liquid
1. Inside air intake pipe 2. 3. suction pipe leak inside the liquid pump hypoperfusion
4. The suction line clogged with debris 5. 6. pump reverse pumping height is too high
1. refilled or emptied of liquid gas 2. Check the suction pipe 3. The liquid refill
4. Clear the blockage 5. Adjust the steering 6. Lower mounting height
1. insufficient flow impeller speed is not enough damage within 2. 3. pipeline debris clogging impeller 1. 2. Check the motor and replace the power supply line 3. Clear blockage
1. The power is too large proportion of the transmission medium is too large and the motor axis 2. The axis error is too large pump 3. 1. mechanical friction reducing the viscosity or increase perfusion pressure readjust 2. 3. Check where wear and tear, repair
1. The lack of transport within the medium lift air impeller damage 2. 3. 4. delivery speed is not enough proportion of the medium is too large
1. refilled or emptied of liquid gas 2. Replace the impeller 3. Check the motor and power lines
4. Reduce the viscosity or increase perfusion pressure
Axis vibration motor pump error pump axis 1. 2. excessive height of the suction generated cavitation mechanical friction 3. 1. 2. readjust where reduced installation height 3. Check the wear and tear, repair
Shaft seal leakage and leakage
1. shaft snap ring gap is too large, the snap ring 2. Suction height is too loose, resulting in cavitation
3. The mechanical seal dynamic static ring wear, small spring pressure 4. Mechanical seal dynamic static ring fit well
1. Adjust the snap ring screws reduce installation height 3. 2. Replace worn materials, adjusting spring
4. Adjust the static ring
Service Hotline
+ Service Hotline: + 0551-64493336 Fax: 0551-64299943 + E-mail: wflpv@163.Com
1. Under normal storage and transportation customers, maintenance, use conditions, when due to manufacturing quality products can not normally be used to provide three guarantees (warranty, refund, replacement) services.
2. Upon receipt of quality information feedback, we will call back in two hours, made within 24 hours of its opinions and do the scene deal with the problem within 100 hours until the normal operation, and then analyze the causes and define responsibilities.
3. For the factory to provide the necessary technical documentation and product certificates.
4. Provide spare parts and installation, commissioning and maintenance service in a timely manner according to customer demand and customer agreement or related technical training.
5. Large-scale projects, will organize production, testing and inspection in accordance with the requirements of the tender documents, and in line with the customer on-site inspection.
6. In strict accordance with the IS09001 standards organization of raw materials, parts procurement and production, testing.
Service Description
Customers using the product in the process, the product can not be found in normal use, immediately to the central service department marketing consulting, and products used in the models, specifications, use of the environment, fault conditions, the date of purchase and service requirements in detail. Service by the Ministry of after-treatment recommendations can not be solved, then decided to send or otherwise dealt with.