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TCG(B)F Non-leakage fluorine lining magnetic high-temperature(heat) pump
Selection of color
Tang silver
Tang yellow
Tang Blue
Tang red
Tang Green

Meaning TCG(B)F80-65-160
T Code of enterprise
C Magnetic drive
B Heating type
G high-temperature type
F Fluoroplastic
80 The inlet dia is 80mm
65 The out let dia i 65mm
160 Nominal dia of impeller is 160mm

一、Product Introduction:

Product overview:
Non-leakage fluorine lining magnetic high-temperature(heat) pump (shorter form: fluorine lining magnetic high-temperature pump) is application of modern magnetic principles, which is a new type pump using the magnetic transmission of permanent magnet to implement torque’s contactless transmission, that is, when electric motor drives outer rotor(i.e. outer magnetic steel) assembly rotating , under magnetic field, magnetic line of force pass through distance sleeve drive inner rotor(i.e. inner magnetic steel) assembly rotating synchronously with impeller. The purpose of pumping media with No leaking is due to the media closed in still distance sleeve. The two-ply cooling (heat retaining)equipment be settled on pump body and pump cover, which allow use water or nitrogen to cool media in high-temperature pump, ensures media keep cool in pump body; as well as allow use steam to heat media in heat pump, ensures media won’t condense, crystallize or gasify during delivering, completely solve the problem of shaft seal leakage, condensation, crystallization and gasification of mechanical pump. This new design industrial pump, with many characteristics of full sealing, No leakage, No pollution, high-temperature resistance, heat preservation and energy-efficient. Its performance already reaches international standard, thus can replace the expensive imported chemical pump.

Design features:
1. TCGF/TCBF non-leakage fluorine lining magnetic high-temperature(heat) pump is a new type industrial pump of full sealing, no leakage, no pollution, high-temperature resistance and strong anti-acid, which is designed voluntarily by ourselves.
2. The whole pump body be sintered and pressed of cast-iron with fluorine lining(PTFE, FEP, PEA).
2.1 The pump body and cover of magnetic high-temperature pump have two-ply cooling equipment (No cooling equipment in air-cooled pump), be allowed use water or nitrogen to cool media in high-temperature pump, ensures media keep cool in pump body.
2.2 The pump body and cover of magnetic heat pump have two-ply heat equipment, be allowed use steam to heat media in heat pump, ensures media won’t condense, crystallize or gasify during delivering.
3. The flowing-passed components like pump body, impeller, pump cover are entirely pressed and sintered of fluoroplastic (PTFE, FEP, PFA) covering metal insert.
4. Fluoroplastic (PTFE, FEP and PFA) is the most superior anti-corrosive materials in the nowadays world, be free from corrosive media of any concentration of acid, lye, oxidants, etc.
5. New type permanent magnet with good magnetism, high temperature resistant and No demagnetization is selected.
6. Shaft sleeve, sleeve bearings be made of graphite and PTFE material with good characteristic of superior wear resistance and high temperature resistance, lubrication groove setting, which guarantee the pump’s working life.
7. Enclosed static seal completely solves the problem of dielectric leakage.
8. Direct coupling pull back design, No need to dismount pipe, easier maintenance.
9. Horizontal mount, compact structure, low voice, small vibration, small occupation and stable operation.
10. No contact and no friction, change coupling transmission to synchronic pulling. Power consumption of small, high efficiency, and has a damping effect, reducing vibration on the pump motor and pump in the effects of cavitations vibration when the impact of the motor.

Widely applied to many fields or processes like petroleum, chemical, acid, alkali, rare earth, smelting, pesticides, dyes, medicine, paper making, electroplate, electrolysis, acid pickling, radio, formed foil, research organizations and national defense, etc. Particularly be applicable to delivery media of flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, strong acid and alkali, organic solvents and other expensive liquids, etc.

Performance range:
Design pressure: 1.6Mpa
Flow: 2-200m3/h
Head: 12-125m
Power: 1.1-55kw

Applicable temperature: -20~180℃.

The optional accessories: preventive idling running device, monitoring of leakage device, monitoring of temperature device

Notes: Pls indicate during ordering if the proportion of delivering media is larger than 1.3mg/cm3. No idle running. No delivering media with particle or crystalline.

二、Structure drawing:



三、Performance Curve

四、Performance data sheet: