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TIJ chemical centrifugal pump(Alkali pump)
Selection of color
Tang silver
Tang yellow
Tang Blue
Tang red
Tang Green
Meaning TIJ80-65-160
T Code of enterprise
I International standard
J Alkali-resistance centrifugal pump
80 The inlet dia is 80mm
65 The out let dia is 65mm
160 Nominal dia of impeller is 160mm


一、Product Introduction:

1.TIJ chemical centrifugal pump(alkalli pump) is designed according to IS02858/GB5662. The technical index and performance has already reached domestic and international advanced level of similar products.
2.Hydraulic components is designed and precision casted per CFD computer fluid mechanics and module design, no impurities, no air holes, no sand holes. A variety of raw materials like stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 2205 and duplex stainless steel can be chosen.
3.179 type mechanical seal is a kind of static abrasion resistance anti-corrosion mechanical seal, which is designed and developed indepentently Three types of mechanical seal can be chosen, single, double, packing and contain type.
4.This pump can delivery slurry, crystalline, or liquid with particles of less than 3mm and solid content of less than 10% .
5.The thicker shaft diameter, longer bearing and longger bearing box effectively increase the torque of pump shaft and delivery medium of large proportion and crystalline without overloading and broken shaft. Increasing amount of oil in oil storage room and cooling fin of bearing box reduce the running temperature of bearing and improve the service life of bearing.
Performance range:design pressure: 1.6Mpa, flow: 2-1400m3/h, head: 3-125m, power: 1.1-400kw.
Applicable temperature:-20~200℃, double surface seal cooling device can transfer medium that temperature is being 300℃.
Application:Alkalli and inorganic industry; Non-ferrous metal metallurg; Iron industry; Acid industry; Polyester and plastic industry; Paper-making industry; Chemical fertilizer industry; Fermentation indusrty
Material of flowing-passed components: 0Cr18NI9,0Cr18Ni9Ti,1Cr18Ni9Ti,0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti,1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti,316,316L,0Cr17Ni4Cu4, 0Cr25Ni6Mo3Cu2MnSi, 310S,20# alloy,904,TA2 Ti/pd,Ni,Monel, etc.

二、Structure drawing:


Part Material Part Material Part Material
1.pump body 304/316/316L 8.dynamic ring SSIC/hard alloy 15.back gland of bearing HT200
2.impeller 304 9.pump shaft 304/316/316L 16.pump coupling 45#
3.impeller nut 304/316/316L 10.connecting HT200 17.diaphragm 304
4.gasket PTFE 11.front gland of bearing HT200 18.electric coupling 45#
5.pump cover 304/316/316L 12.front bearing Gcr15 19.shield 304
6.static ring SSIC/hard alloy 13.bearing box HT200 20.motor clients requested
7.gland 304/316/316L 14.back bearing Gcr15 21.base plate HT200


三、Performance Curve:

四、Performance data sheet: