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First, I produced all products Three Guarantees, for a period of one year, during this period in case of quality problems, we will within 24 hours door for free repair or replacement of the implementation process; responsible for product life-long service, and long-term supply all the accessories, we will be the best product, the lowest price, the most satisfactory service to our customers return.
Second, the company received notice of the order, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the terms of the contract delivery, to ensure that products in good condition, according to the time required to place.
Third, if necessary, the company free of charge for customer training of the persons concerned product, service, maintenance, maintenance knowledge; as a result of improper use or outside of the warranty period, caused by corrupted or does not work, the company's products provide life-long maintenance service. If the user needs, the company offers free advice for life, on-site installation guide.
Fourth, users in the use of our products by the process of emerging issues, please timely feedback to the company, the company in order to be dealt with in a timely manner to improve and enhance. Customers must reply to questions raised or resolved within 12 hours.
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